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JS Harris Group, located in Boise, Idaho, is a Real Estate Services Company. We provide our clients services in the following areas: Home Inspections, Handyman Services (Home Repairs, Upgrades, Rough and Finished Plumbing Work, Basic Electrical Work, Painting <Interior and Exterior>, Basic Concrete Work, Sprinkler Systems, Basic Landscaping, HUD-Type Trashouts, Windows, Doors, Locks, and almost any type of upgrade when a Permit does not need to be pulled), Contractual Real Estate Services (one of our Principles, Stacey, is a Licensed Real Estate Broker), Creative Money Lending & Hard-Money Lending (Stacey is also a licensed Loan Officer), Land and Ranch Real Estate Serivces, and all types of Consulting for Real Property. We are legally obligated to advise you that our Real Estate Services and Money Lending Services are offered through Hopkins Financial Serices of Meridian, Idaho.

About Our Clients

We have provided services to some of the largest banks on Earth, Including Bank of America, JP Morgan Chase, Wells Fargo Bank Companies, Citigroup, and several other local and national banking companies. We have provided all types of Property Preservation and Foreclosure Services to National Providers like Safeguard, National Field Representatives, CoreLogic Field Services (formerly known as First American Title Field Services), HUD, FannieMae, FreddieMac, GinneMae and FHLMC as well as the State of Idaho. We also work for local Real Estate Brokers, Property Managment Companies, and Home Owners.